Let's Take Action!

S.386 has been passed in the house in July 2019. We have to take timely action to stop it in the Senate!


What can you do?

  • Call and email your U.S. senators

  • Become a volunteer

  • Donate

  • Share your experience and story


Action Guide

1. Call and email your U.S. senators

  • Google the name of the 2 U.S. senators for your state

  • Go to their official websites

  • Use the contact form on their websites to send email directly or find their email addresses on the website and then send your email

  • Google the phone number of their DC office

  • Call both numbers and share your concern and opinion about S.386 directly to your senators

2. Become a volunteer

  • Please send a short introduction of yourself and your concern of S.386 via our contact form

3. Donate

  • The donation will be available shortly

4. Share your experience and story

  • Please share your related story via our contact form

Contact us

If you are interested in learning more about S.386 and want to take action, let us know! 

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