Say No to S.386

This bill will drastically change the landscape of the U.S. economy and labor market​
Loss of American Jobs

S.386 encourages outsourcing and labor exploitation. It will cause job loss for Americans and lower wages.

Loss of Global Talent

S.386 will block global talent from 190+ countries. It will cause a labor shortage in healthcare, research, education and many other sectors. 

Weaken U.S. Economy

S.386 will weaken industries such as agriculture, R&D, transportation, and energy. It will cause issues such as the Boeing 737 Max airplane crashes.


What is bill S.386?

This bill eliminates the per-country cap for employment-based immigrant visas.

Facts behind the bill S.386

  • It redraws the distribution of green cards, from preferring diverse national origins and industries to favoring a single country (India) that exports IT outsourcing labor.

  • Incentivizes more industries to outsource rather than work to attract global and local talent to the US. 

  • IT big tech and international outsourcing corporations spent more than 26 million dollars in 2019 to lobby for this bill. 100+ lobbyists are working hard to push it to pass in the Senate. 

  • It has never had a public hearing.


How will S.386 affect your life?

1. American Job Loss

Offshore outsourcing firms displace domestic workers by employing foreign workers on H1b work guest worker visas.

Case 1: Disney H1b abuse scandal

In 2015, IT workers, employed by Disney and many other corporations, were forced to train their foreign replacements before they were laid off.

If S.386 passes, in the STEM field there will be more layoffs, lower wages, and fewer new job opportunities. 

disney h1b scandle.jpg

Case 2: AT&T displaced U.S. tech workers by outsourcing 

AT&T has been displacing U.S. tech workers for years. AT&T insiders told Axios, an American news website, that as many as 3,000 finance jobs would be outsourced to Accenture, an Ireland-based organization that has 150,000 employees in India.


2. Your Safty is At Risk

With S.386 passing, low-quality outsourced work will further expand to core industries such as hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, transportation, and national security.

Case: Boeing 737 Max Crashes

It is well documented that outsourcing is related to low-quality work. The Boeing 737 MAX had two crashes last year. It was reported that the software used on the crashed airplanes were written by outsourcing firms.


3. Damage America's Economy and Future

S.386 will dramatically reduce the diversity of high-skilled immigration of diverse national origins, and end up as a single country monopoly. In this case, global top-talents including international students will stop coming to the U.S.

Case: International Students' Contribution

There are over 1 million international students are studying in America. They contribute  36.9 billion dollars to the economy in the U.S. every year. They also create and support 450,331 jobs. However, with S.386 passed, and a lesser chance of being able to get an employment green card when they graduate, the majority of international students from most countries will have much less interest in studying in the U.S. That's a huge negative impact to the economy and the future of America.

international student contribution.png
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